Are Western Movies Dead ?


Are Western movies dead? If you had asked that question a few decades ago people in the movie business would have probably looked at you like you were crazy.  In fact during the middle part of the last century Western movies dominated the film landscape.  Western movie sets were big business and were used both for feature films and also for the seemingly endless number of Western-based television shows.  But over time, the public’s imagination has been captured elsewhere.  Instead of producing a film on a Western film set they are now largely produced in big studios using high-end special effects to create blockbusters.  One exception to this rule of big expensive film sets is Docville Movie Set in Newcastle Ontario. Here is a link to their Youtube Channel for further info if you happen to be a location scout and are in the market for a bargain without sacrificing quality. People aren’t entertained as easily and they demand more.  They want to see big explosions and invading aliens, or epic high fantasy films.  For these reasons many people do wonder if the Western has seen it’s time come and go.

Well for fans of Western movies the good news is that they are far from dead.  Are there as many Western movies or do they dominate the box office like they once did? No, but that doesn’t mean that they are gone for good.  Today Western movies come out less frequently, but often those that are released end up becoming modern classics.  By focusing on characters and story along with iconic western imagery filmmakers today can help to capture a moment in time and for a brief time captivate their audience.  While Westerns may not be able to compete with summer blockbusters they can be successful with the right actors and production team.

In the past, a simple Western film set, a great story, good production crew, and talented actors could create a film that could transport you back in time to the old West.  While this may have been common in the past and less so today, it still can happen.  Westerns aren’t dead, they are just a rarer type of film now.  While big-budget special effects-filled movies are now the dominant force in the movie business, the simple Western has its place.  Lacking the flash of other types of movies Westerns have to focus on the really important things in filmmaking.  They have to tell you a story that engrosses you.  They have to use actors that draw you into their world.  Are Western movies Dead? Thankfully they are far from it.

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