Mental Health Issues

Confronting Mental Health Issues

Confronting a mental health issue is often frightening and upsetting. If you become unwell, you may feel that it's a sign of weakness or that you are somehow losing your mind.  You may be frightened of being seen as crazy or weak by those around you. Sometimes you may even feel that you are falling into a life of being in and out of Mental Health Institutions.  

In reality, mental health issues are a common human experience.  Most of us know someone who has experienced a mental health problem.  Around one in four of us are affected by mental health issues.  These can affect the way we think, feel and behave.  Most common disorders are anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, phobia and OCD.  

In the UK, we base diagnosis on sets of signs/symptoms and set to treat these diagnoses with a talking therapy and often medication too.

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